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        Zhejiang Ruian HaiTai Auto Control Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Rai'an city-the manufacturing base or China's soft packaging machinery. In this beautiful city ,industrious HaiTai people create itself a first-level position in automatic control equipment industry.

        After over ten years of exploring effort,we have developed many products such as magnetic powder brakestaff,clutch, adn tension controlling instrument, which gained deep trust from customers and sell very well over the country.

        With a powerful technology team of senior and middle professional people and based on feedback information from customers , we keep on improving and innovating our prducts. Now our product family has covered five series and over twenty sizes of products. Especially magnetic powder brakestaff and clutch ,which adopt magnetic powder as medium to control magnetic current at input pole aimed to change output torque ,have been extensively applied in soft packaging machinety ,paper making machinery ,testile machinery and lifting equipment .

        With foundation of complete and sound management system ,marketing network and first level after sales services network , supporting by extensive users ,we want to create a bright future working with all colleagues and customers in this industry in this new age.

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      Add:Ruian City, Zhejiang Province Xue on the 11th post-industrial areas
      Mobile:13587960828 Tel:0577--65137577 65130578 Fax:0577--65139877 E-mail:ruianhaitai@163.com
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